Our Mission is to provide a cleaner, safer environment for Human Health, transforming standards in Healthcare and Public Health.

With global expertise in research, development, manufacturing and distribution Xhield is a leader in environmental hygiene, spill management, PPE, health worker and patient safety, and healthcare waste management solutions.

Xhield is an independent manufacturer of waste bags and infection control and our brands include: Polycare, one of the largest, most advanced and forward-thinking ranges of Clinical Bags and Aprons. SoChlor and Sterasep, advance disinfection for surfaces and equipment, as well as decontamination and sterilisation for instruments.

Professionals in a wide range of organisations including some of the world’s largest healthcare, public health and social care providers, and facilities management rely on our solutions every day. Our unique integrated end-to-end approach provide significant improvement and transformation in standards of environments for human health.

Why Are We Different?

Xhield develops, manufactures, delivers and works directly with the end users and waste managers to ensure compliance and cost savings. This direct link with end users and complete handling of the whole process, means Xhield can offer cutting edge innovation driven by future waste stream trends and advances in technology of the manufacturing process. As well as working closely with independent bodies to ensure all required bags meet and exceed test standards such as UN and ADR.

Sectors We Serve

Xhield’s innovative solutions address the needs of professionals across a range of specialist sectors.

ACUTE HEALTHCARE: Hospitals, clinics, government health departments, ambulances
PUBLIC HEALTH: Non-acute hospitals, clinics, surgeries and other providers
SOCIAL CARE: Care and nursing homes, day centres, MH facilities
LABORATORY AND LIFE SCIENCES: Research and production, pathology, pharmacies, test labs
AGRICULTURE AND VETERINARY: Farms, animal transport, urban and rural veterinary practices
CATERING AND FOOD: Hotels and restaurants, caterers, food preparation, cold chain, street food
BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY: Supermarkets, malls, factories, transport hubs, airlines
EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Aid organisations, governments and NGOs